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Take-home Ecology exam submitted and out of my hair.

Opted to walk away with my current grade in Thermo, as it's entirely respectable and based on past exam performance in this course, taking the final can only bring my grade down.

I received an email from the member of my SolidWorks lab group who volunteered to take point on writing the report for our final design project (20% of grade for the semester). Said email read as follows:

so i finished up the report. we figured out why our mass was so heavy and realized it was
our bad.
If you want to go through and change/add anything it's up to you, i think it's decent as
it is, except my conclusion sucks.
aaand my computer refuses to show the pictures so if you could add them where the
assignment says to I'd really appreciate it.

thanks, let me know

Here are some choice quotations from the attached document:

"We ended up using a kind of titanium with lots of letters and numbers."

"...our mass was around 3.5lbs. This was good! It had a super high factor of safety! Everything was perfect. Then the next time we opened our assembly the mass was 13lbs. We were devastatingly confused and spent quite some time trying to figure out what the problem was. Finally we discovered that 3.5lbs was a lie."

"We were unable to achieve a grid independent study. Although one of our three results sort of contradicted the conclusion we would like to make. That is, with a finer mesh the maximum stress increases. Overall, this was true."

"Despite our efforts, our final weight was around 11 lbs so we don't win that prize. Perhaps if we had caught our mistake earlier our project might have better met the goal for a smaller mass. At least our impractical weight allowed us to look cool and unique!"

It should be noted that we actually ended up using a kind of aluminum with lots of letters and numbers, but the person who changed it neither changed the report draft nor told me about it until after the (heavily edited) report had been submitted, hence the bewildering discrepancy in mass which the perpetrator of the report could not explain when she finally bothered to pick up her phone half an hour before the report was due. FUCK.
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