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Dear Yuletide Author,

First and foremost, thank you for volunteering to write for one of my fandoms! Also, I am very sorry (again, still) about the delay in posting this letter. I am, as I was last year, the actual worst. Please feel free to disregard everything in this letter and write whatever you damn well please. That being said, I have tried to cover my general likes and dislikes, and provide a few (totally optional!) ideas.

General Information

In any and all fandoms, I am 100% OK with receiving any subset or combination of characters requested.

I enjoy both shippy (slash, femslash, het, poly, whatever strikes your fancy) and gen fic of all flavors and genres and ratings, from unapologetic schmoop to grimdark, bad-ending, Terrible Things to out-and-out smut. Kink-wise, just show me the characters being themselves, and being into it, and I'm game for anything. In my signups, I may have mentioned ships I particularly like. Please feel free to write gen, or a totally different ship if that's what floats your boat. If you'd like to write it, go for it! I am happy to be convinced.

A note on characterization: In cases where I have mentioned my oddly specific character feels, please do not feel obligated to incorporate them if they don't work for you. My perceptions of characters are almost certainly not exactly the same as your perceptions of them. I know mine; please introduce me to yours!

I love worldbuilding, especially the mundane details of daily life (what is Character X wearing? Sleeping on? Eating for breakfast? What do the surroundings smell like? Tell me about the weather!). I like complicated feelings and human (and other sentient being) complexity, and morality that isn't merely gray so much as polychromatic.

My one hot-button narrative squick is embarrassment-based comedy.

I personally have no triggers; I urge you, however, to apply content warnings as appropriate for the health and safety of other readers.

My Requests

CAVEAT: All of these are optional details which are optional. If there's something you were aching to write when you offered, please go for it. If there's something you'd like to write that bears no resemblance to any of my nonsense, by all means write it! The story you want to write is the story I want to read.

Famous Flower of Serving Men - Martin Carthy (song)

This ballad hits the classic Sweet On Polly Oliver trope hard, and thus offers all kinds of scope for playing with Gender Stuff. We know that the King's immediate reaction to the Big Reveal is to run right home and kiss "William" in front of everybody, but I'd argue that he was already into "him" before that. I would be all about some relationship development in the verses 6 and 7 timeframe, with, like, "you're my boss and you think I'm a man and I'm dealing with some shit right now, but dang, you're cute"/"you're totally a guy, and also just some random peasant who showed up out of nowhere, but I am okay with that, because hot damn" flirting? Or the denouement- how is Eleanor feeling about being Eleanor again? Does she miss being William? Does the King miss her being William? Happily ever after with trope subversion and gender play?

(If you're reading this because we matched on one of my other requests and now you're thinking better of having offered that one, this is a folk song about a young woman who, after the murder of her husband and child at the behest of her mother, disguises herself as a man and becomes the trusted servant of the King, who comes to love her "as his son" (ahem). Through some supernatural intervention by woodland animals and/or the ghost of her husband, the King learns her backstory, and immediately rushes home to kiss her (ahem) and arrange for dreadful vengeance against her mother. It is roughly ten minutes long. Lyrics and a video can be found here, and there are several other renditions available on youtube.)

Fury (2014)

I left this movie with such Fury crew feels. I frankly don't care much about Norman the Audience Identification Character (conveniently not nominated), but the veterans have been together for so long, and have been through so much shit, and Fury is their home and their fucked-up camaraderie is the last thing keeping their shit together, and I just- we know how it ends, so tell me a story from before that? Tell me about them finding their equilibrium as a crew in North Africa, or a snapshot of them bickering and irritating the piss out of each other, or them being a dysfunctional little family of necessity in the face of everything being horrible. Or a character study. Or anything, really.

(If you're reading this because we matched on one of my other requests and now you're thinking better of having offered that one, this is a war movie about a tank crew during the Allied invasion of Germany in the last days of WWII. Content warning for war being super fucking horrible in every conceivable way, including but not limited to: graphic gore, senseless civilian casualties, child harm, animal harm, a whole panoply of -isms, coercive sex, and major character death. Running time 134 minutes.)

Swordspoint Series - Ellen Kushner

I love Katherine so much. She has learned some valuable life lessons from her uncle, but also is less invested in shit-stirring for its own sake that he is, and I'd love to read about how she grows and changes as she comes of age and steps into the role of Duchess of Tremontaine. And I love Artemisia, and I love their relationship, which is so fundamentally a teenage girl friendship (because they are both such teenaged girls!), but also subversively chivalric and romantic and <3 <3 <3. Katherine, stepping up to defend Artemisia! Artemisia, wresting control of her life with help from Katherine! I ship it so hard, in an "everyone is sort of nebulously poly-ish, because debauched aristocrats!" kind of way.

(If you're reading this because we matched on one of my other requests and now you're thinking better of having offered that one, this is the series of books for which the "fantasy of manners" genre was invented. There are three novels, plus some short stories and a serial in the works, but my requested characters are from one novel, The Privilege of the Sword, which stands alone fairly well.)

The Matrix (Movies)

“The Matrix” was a formative influence for me, and I have such nostalgia for it. It was my first great fannish love, and I discovered fandom because of it. I wrote my first fic for it, mainly because, as I said above, I love worldbuilding, and I wanted to roll around in it endlessly. I wanted then- and still want now- so much world-exploration, both inside and outside the Matrix. What's daily life on a hovercraft like? Or life in Zion? Or for the people still in the Matrix, perhaps perturbed by occasional headline-making incidents of terroristic violence, shaking their heads and blinking away the odd feeling of unreality when something odd happens? Or, in a more character-driven vein: what must it have been like for the surviving crew of the Nebuchadnezzar, in those days between the close of “The Matrix” and the opening of “Reloaded”, shaken by grief and betrayal, but walking forward into a future where prophecies are true and there's dangerous hope in the air, because who even knows what's possible now?

(If you're reading this because we matched on one of my other requests and now you're thinking better of having offered that one, this is a trilogy of movies, plus a collection of animated shorts, plus some tie-in video games. They're about a world in which thermodynamics doesn't work humanity has been subjugated by robots, and is kept docile by immersion in a virtual reality. Some people are less docile than others.)

Enchanted Forest Chronicles – Patricia Wrede

I love the trope-tastic fractured fairytale universe of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles so much, and I love Cimorene, Morwen, and Telemain so much as characters. Cimorene and Morwen are smart, badass sisters in pragmatic genre-savviness, who refuse to be defined by narrow expectations! Telemain is an endearingly enthusiastic nerd who has a lot of theories and likes to tinker! So it drives me up a fucking wall that whenever Cimorene and Telemain interact (Calling on Dragons, I'm looking at you), Telemain is the perpetual butt of the same stale joke- hurhur, nerd uses long words and gets distracted by weird stuff!- and Cimorene is reduced to constantly delivering the “duh, what does that mean?” line so someone else can translate Telemain's perfectly intelligible dialogue into words of one syllable or less. Cimorene's vocabulary is better than that, and Telemain is so much less obnoxious than the author thinks he is, so, um, literally anything with Cimorene and Telemain not following that script would make me hugely happy. Also, I am 100% in favor of Morwen and Telemain sass-bicker-flirting under all circumstances.

(If you're reading this because we matched on one of my other requests and now you're thinking better of having offered that one, this is a series of four books and a short story set in a comedically trope-tacular fantasy world. It starts with a bored princess volunteering to be “held captive” by a dragon, and rapidly descends into adventure and wacky hijinks.)


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