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Fluids final went pretty well- on par with previous exam performance. We'll see what happens.

More grades arrived: B+ in Anatomy, and A- in Fluids Lab. Still waiting on Fluids.

"Action Holmes" was super-fantastic in most of the ways, and pretty good in the rest of the ways. Post about that forthcoming, but in the meantime: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

Am now acculturating to being home. Make actual decisions about what's for lunch? I can do that? Bizarre.

No, seriously:

Mom: *exasperated* Well, what do you usually have for lunch?

Me: *genuinely at a loss* ...Thursday is Falafel Day at the Davis Center?

Mom: *super exasperated* You know, you had a life before you went to college. What did you have for lunch then?

Me: ...whatever was in the fridge?
artifactrix: Line drawing of a disgruntled girl working with pencil and calculator, with a stack of textbooks on her head. (studious)
Well, the Anatomy final felt like it went neither better nor worse than the other two exams in that course, so I guess we'll see what shakes out.

Final grade for Materials came through: B. I have no complaints. Frankly, I feel like that's a little generous based on my performance, but hey, I'll take it.

To Do List, 12/15/11:

Sleep in
Clean room
Clean desk
Sort laundry
Launder laundry
Check for grades
Update DW/LJ
Feed myself
Study for Fluids Final

Why hello there, displacement activity. At least all of these things did actually need to get done today.

But it's almost over. One more evening of studying, one more exam tomorrow morning, and then I'm done with this semester. I'm thinking lunch and "Action Holmes II: The Fanservicing"* with The Boy to celebrate.

*Alternate release title: "Action Holmes II: Action Harder"

Edit: As of midnight, I have laundered ALL THE THINGS, had the last school-catered meal of the semester with The Boy, and studied.
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...So I feel like I pwned the Mechanics of Solids exam right in its strictly notional face, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. My habitual pessimism says bad bad bad oh noes!, but common sense suggests otherwise.

Moving right along, Differential Equations tomorrow, then done. Have failed spectacularly at studying, so will be getting up early to remedy that. Fortunately, the exam is open-book and open-notes, with plenty of time to think. Not an excuse not to study, but it does make tomorrow's heroic studython more of a strategically targeted review than an exercise in frantic memorization.

I love it when professors concede that in real life, we get reference books, so we might as well devote brainpower to technique and cleverness rather than brute-force memorization of trivia. I would have done so much better at Calculus if I had been able to focus on what it all meant, rather than freaking out about memorizing ALL OF THE TRIGONOMETRIC AND HYPERBOLIC IDENTITIES FOREVER (all of which, of course, I promptly forgot after the final, every damn time).

Early grades are trickling in; looking good so far. Diff. Eq. is the one exam most likely to kick me in the teeth, which is, of course, why I'm slacking off studying for it and staying up to whine about it on LJ the night before. I'm awesome at this "responsibility" thing, aren't I?
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I finished my last exam yesterday at 5:30. It did not suck.

Then I went to dance practice for the first time in a month or more, because exams were finally over.

This morning, I slept in, then went to work, where I put in my first time for a week (exams are really bad for cashflow). I also got a great big paycheck containing all of the money I wasn't paid before Thanksgiving, plus everything since then.

I ate a nice meal with the last of my food points for the semester, with only four cents remaining. I win at budgeting.

Also, it snowed gently all day, and stopped almost exactly at quitting time, so the walk home was gorgeous- fresh snow, billowing grey clouds, red brick campus, frosted evergreens and berry trees, blue evening shadows, golden glow from the windows.

And tomorrow, I'm going home for the holidays. Awesome.


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