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Fluids final went pretty well- on par with previous exam performance. We'll see what happens.

More grades arrived: B+ in Anatomy, and A- in Fluids Lab. Still waiting on Fluids.

"Action Holmes" was super-fantastic in most of the ways, and pretty good in the rest of the ways. Post about that forthcoming, but in the meantime: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

Am now acculturating to being home. Make actual decisions about what's for lunch? I can do that? Bizarre.

No, seriously:

Mom: *exasperated* Well, what do you usually have for lunch?

Me: *genuinely at a loss* ...Thursday is Falafel Day at the Davis Center?

Mom: *super exasperated* You know, you had a life before you went to college. What did you have for lunch then?

Me: ...whatever was in the fridge?
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Well, the Anatomy final felt like it went neither better nor worse than the other two exams in that course, so I guess we'll see what shakes out.

Final grade for Materials came through: B. I have no complaints. Frankly, I feel like that's a little generous based on my performance, but hey, I'll take it.

To Do List, 12/15/11:

Sleep in
Clean room
Clean desk
Sort laundry
Launder laundry
Check for grades
Update DW/LJ
Feed myself
Study for Fluids Final

Why hello there, displacement activity. At least all of these things did actually need to get done today.

But it's almost over. One more evening of studying, one more exam tomorrow morning, and then I'm done with this semester. I'm thinking lunch and "Action Holmes II: The Fanservicing"* with The Boy to celebrate.

*Alternate release title: "Action Holmes II: Action Harder"

Edit: As of midnight, I have laundered ALL THE THINGS, had the last school-catered meal of the semester with The Boy, and studied.
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While walking back from crepes, The Boy and I observed a llama, or possibly an alpaca, being taken for walkies. Downtown, by the classy lakefront apartments. You know, as one does, when one's llama-or-alpaca needs to go for walkies.

The human on the other end of the leash then proceeded to put the llama into the passenger cabin of a minivan. As one does, when one must transport one's llama, but does not possess or have the wherewithal to parallel park a trailer.

At this point, The Boy and I were staring alternately at each other and at the llamavan, just to confirm that yes, this was a thing that was actually happening, as opposed to, say, a new and interesting side effect of too much coffee or not enough sleep. As far as we could tell, this was really an actualfax walkies-going, minivan-riding llama.

We were walking up the street on which the llamavan was parked, and although several vehicles passed us as we continued along our way, the llamavan was not one of them. As far as I can tell, the person left the llama in the car with the windows cracked while she ran some errands or got coffee or something. As one does, when one has taken one's llama for a walk downtown on a brisk December morning, and finds oneself in need of a bracing drink or some quick shopping.

Now, I have seen llamas taken for walkies before. That's not a new thing. There's a petting zoo in my home town, and llamas need their exercise. But in a city*? That you must have driven to, because no way you're allowed to keep a llama in one of those apartments? Really?

*Burlington only gets called a city because Vermont doesn't know what cities are. The UVM campus is the single most densely populated area in the entire state.
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So Materials was... let's say interesting. I wish I had paid more attention to the many and various flavors of steel, but I'm also glad that I spent as much time as I did on phase diagrams and lever law calculations for bimetallic alloys. At any rate, it didn't go that badly, and it's over now. Worst-case, I've got that A in Circuits to even things out.

Fluids Lab exam? Felt super awesome. Did all the calculations, derived all the expressions, propagated all the error, and still finished in time for a victory lunch with friends.

Took Saturday off, because Damn I'm Good. Went out for crepes this morning with The Boy, then reread some of Anathem because it's awesome, then did some knitting while watching "Shaun the Sheep". Oh, and did some incidental studying for Anatomy.

This weekend has been awesome. Real life resumes tomorrow today, after I've slept.
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So far today, I have slept for thirteen hours and read almost a chapter of material (out of four that will be covered) for one of tomorrow's two exams. Well, shit.

But I also got email from Professor Circuits. )

So that's something I don't have to worry about, and now I have twice as much time to study for the Anatomy final. Which is nice, because the central nervous system is really freaking complicated.

Materials and Fluids Lab tomorrow, Circuits on Monday never, Anatomy on Wednesday night, and Fluids on Friday morning. Not half bad, as finals schedules go... provided I can pull the finger out and finish studying for tomorrow.
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Now that school has stopped, I finally have time to write! This is a good thing. I celebrated by starting a new project instead of continuing work on anything I've already started. Oops?

Today, I reorganized my hard-copy draft folder, which got dropped in the throes of dorm-packing and exploded all over the floor. It contains ghosts of things which perished amidst the ominous clicking noises of DiskFail '09. Someday, I hope to resurrect them.

Bizarrely, I'm finding that Fictional Prowess Panda actually motivates me to write. Internet time-sink fail, productivity win?

I'm finding that half the fun of writing this stupidly overambitious Leverage fic is populating its criminal underworld with wacky original characters. I think I may be doing fanfiction wrong.

Running away to the woods this weekend; packing pencils and paper. We'll see what happens.

Edit: Fixed link.
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Diff. Eq. is the one exam most likely to kick me in the teeth, which is, of course, why I'm slacking off studying for it and staying up to whine about it on LJ the night before. I'm awesome at this "responsibility" thing, aren't I?

Remember this? I'm an ass. That ended even more poorly than expected. Fuck.

...On the other hand, I have three As this semester to even out the damage, so it's not the end of the world.

Also, am now at home, lying on a couch that is actually long enough for my legs and my torso at the same time. Bliss.

Tangentially related:

Fact 1: I love Green Day's American Idiot album deeply and unironically.

Fact 2: I love classical music. I play viola, and love playing in small ensembles, where the voices and quirks of each instrument really get to shine while still supporting and playing off of one another.

Thus, the Vitamin String Quartet cover/arrangement of American Idiot is profoundly pleasing to me, as it is essentially candy for my soul.
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...So I feel like I pwned the Mechanics of Solids exam right in its strictly notional face, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. My habitual pessimism says bad bad bad oh noes!, but common sense suggests otherwise.

Moving right along, Differential Equations tomorrow, then done. Have failed spectacularly at studying, so will be getting up early to remedy that. Fortunately, the exam is open-book and open-notes, with plenty of time to think. Not an excuse not to study, but it does make tomorrow's heroic studython more of a strategically targeted review than an exercise in frantic memorization.

I love it when professors concede that in real life, we get reference books, so we might as well devote brainpower to technique and cleverness rather than brute-force memorization of trivia. I would have done so much better at Calculus if I had been able to focus on what it all meant, rather than freaking out about memorizing ALL OF THE TRIGONOMETRIC AND HYPERBOLIC IDENTITIES FOREVER (all of which, of course, I promptly forgot after the final, every damn time).

Early grades are trickling in; looking good so far. Diff. Eq. is the one exam most likely to kick me in the teeth, which is, of course, why I'm slacking off studying for it and staying up to whine about it on LJ the night before. I'm awesome at this "responsibility" thing, aren't I?
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Took the weekend off for the Kettle of Fish Ale. Had a lovely time dancing instead of studying. Freaking out about tomorrow's Mechanics of Solids exam now, so what do I do? Post to my LiveJournal that nobody reads, duh.

It was really lovely to see all my morris friends (or most of them), and to introduce my new team to them all and vice-versa. By all accounts, a wonderful time was had. Even the van rides down and back were fun.

Some notes on this next exam. )
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Dynamics at 10:30 this morning, now finished (obv).

Back in the computer lab again (again), fixing the fixed version of the extra credit Mechanics of Solids assignment that ate yesterday.

Presenting the shitty group project for SolidWorks at 1:30, and then, with luck, I'll never have to work with them again.
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Riding bikes! Naked! In the rain! Because classes are over! Yaaaaaaay!
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Take-home Ecology exam submitted and out of my hair.

Opted to walk away with my current grade in Thermo, as it's entirely respectable and based on past exam performance in this course, taking the final can only bring my grade down.

And now, some finals-related rage. )
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Done. Physics and Thermo went quite well, and grades have been trickling in. Still waiting to hear from Prof. Thermo, but the rest are not at all shabby if I do say so myself.

Home again now, but leaving for Arizona in roughly twelve hours. Back in a week-ish.
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Oh, there's the Finals Week Snow. Lots nicer to look at-- and walk around in-- than freezing rain and mud. Much better.
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Linear algebra this morning; went pretty well, all things considered.

Just admitted defeat and emailed my final paper for Path. Sci. Not great, or even very good, but it'll have to do, because I am done.

Squelching off through the freezing muck now to take the Statics final (Now with totally new format and 100% less time!).

Tomorrow, Physics. Thursday, Thermo. Friday, home!

ETA: Pwned by Statics. Fuuuuuuck. On to Physics.


Aug. 19th, 2010 04:00 pm
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Looks like I've been dreamwidened. Thanks, [personal profile] giglet!
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...It hurts to even think about this, which is why everyone should be thinking about it. And making a hell of a lot of noise about it, too.

Preventing Homosexuality (and Uppity Women) in the Womb?

"Eek! Unless we intervene, some baby girls might not be born girly enough! They might not like playing with dolls, or want to have babies! Some of them might even be... lesbians! Clearly we must fix this with science!"

This is a travesty. Bioethics FAIL, cultural FAIL... everything FAIL.

This is not science. This is unadulterated bullshit masquerading as legitimate research. I expect better of people with this level of education. Drs New, Meyer-Bahlberg, and Nimkarn, you fail at science. All of it. Forever.

A cut, wherein I have Opinions. )
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Russian on Monday, spur-of-the-moment extra-credit Engineering Lab on Tuesday, nothing further until Physics on Friday afternoon.

I should probably, like, study for that or something.
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Honors Seminar today, Math tomorrow. My brain feels full of stupid and not so full of calculus. I just want to be done.

On the plus side, there will be morris this weekend to make me feel better. But first, Math.


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