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So I had just gotten home and settled on the couch, when there came a sudden flash and a crackle just outside the window.  Looking out into the parking lot, I saw some clever young thing holding a lit firework tube in his hand while it launched various flashbangs and other incendiaries into the air.  He then lobbed the spent firework at someone's car and ran away... into the parking garage, which has even better CCTV coverage than the parking lot does.

I expect we'll be getting email from the management about this.

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While walking back from crepes, The Boy and I observed a llama, or possibly an alpaca, being taken for walkies. Downtown, by the classy lakefront apartments. You know, as one does, when one's llama-or-alpaca needs to go for walkies.

The human on the other end of the leash then proceeded to put the llama into the passenger cabin of a minivan. As one does, when one must transport one's llama, but does not possess or have the wherewithal to parallel park a trailer.

At this point, The Boy and I were staring alternately at each other and at the llamavan, just to confirm that yes, this was a thing that was actually happening, as opposed to, say, a new and interesting side effect of too much coffee or not enough sleep. As far as we could tell, this was really an actualfax walkies-going, minivan-riding llama.

We were walking up the street on which the llamavan was parked, and although several vehicles passed us as we continued along our way, the llamavan was not one of them. As far as I can tell, the person left the llama in the car with the windows cracked while she ran some errands or got coffee or something. As one does, when one has taken one's llama for a walk downtown on a brisk December morning, and finds oneself in need of a bracing drink or some quick shopping.

Now, I have seen llamas taken for walkies before. That's not a new thing. There's a petting zoo in my home town, and llamas need their exercise. But in a city*? That you must have driven to, because no way you're allowed to keep a llama in one of those apartments? Really?

*Burlington only gets called a city because Vermont doesn't know what cities are. The UVM campus is the single most densely populated area in the entire state.


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