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Did adequately, if not precisely well, on Systems exam.  Manufacturing was a miserable slog through seventy short-answer questions in a row, but was tedious rather than difficult.

After nonstop brain work 0730 - 1600, went for Mexican food with the Boy because enough is e-fucking-nough.  Went to rapper practice, then went home and made slides for Biomaterials.


Biomaterials went very well- full marks for both the presentation and the paper, and a confirmed A+ for the course.  Statistics was easier than expected, and I feel good about my performance on it.

Aside from the fact that the difficult bits of it came off perfectly fine, most of the rest of Tuesday blew goats, starting with the bit at the beginning in which I didn't sleep properly and had to scrape myself out of bed at 0830 ill-rested and cross.  Studied Stats for three hours, revised slides for another hour, went to Biomaterials all keyed-up and panicky and desperate to get it out of the way so I could finish up my Stats revision...

...and waited in the hall for forty minutes, because we were all locked out of the classroom, and then waited another forty minutes while other people presented.  After presentations finished up, spent my last hour before Stats frantically reviewing my notes.

Finished Stats exam at 1815, leaving just enough time for me to go home and change, then turn right 'round and go to longsword training.  Which is exactly what I did, because I had earned it.

Know what's super therapeutic?  Hitting people with fifty inches of steel, that's what.  Also, hot baths, one of which I had afterward.

Edited to fix italics.
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Sponsor Liaison is liaised-with, and Preliminary Design Report is in.  System Dynamics project is well underway, and I'm going to do some more work on it later.  It's a nice change to be working with a partner who actually gets shit done, although our third member doesn't seem to have improved much since the Freshman year design project we did together, lo these many years ago.

Tentative Schedule:

Saturday 12/8:

     Study Systems
     Study Manufacturing, and prepare equation sheet (1 x 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, double-sided)
     Safety documentation for design project
     Extra-credit assignment for manufacturing
     First-pass review for Statistics
     Additional work on Systems project as necessary

Sunday 12/9:

     Study Statistics, and prepare equation sheets (3 x 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper, double-sided)
     Prepare and rehearse slides for Biomaterials
     Attend Statistics review session
     Review Systems material
     Review Manufacturing material
     Final revision of Systems project

Monday 12/10:

     Take Systems exam, and turn in project
     Take Manufacturing exam, and turn in extra-credit assignment
     Review Statistics
     Rehearse Biomaterials presentation

Tuesday 12/11:

     Biomaterials presentation
     Take Statistics exam
     Outline and draft progress report for thesis

Wednesday 12/12:

     Rewrite and polish progress report for thesis
     Send finished report to committee
     Study for Capstone Design Seminar exam

Thursday 12/13:

     Take Capstone exam
     Committee meeting

Friday 12/14:


Is it Friday yet?
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Today is the last day of classes in the penultimate semester of my undergraduate degree, which means it's time for another riveting installment of me grousing about my exams.

Things What I Have Got To Do:

     Monday 12/10, 1030: System Dynamics exam, plus project due.

     Monday 12/10, 1330: Manufacturing exam, plus extra credit assignment due

     Tuesday 12/11, 1330: Biomaterials presentation

     Tuesday 12/11, 1630: Statistics exam

     Thursday 12/13, 1030: Capstone Design Seminar exam, plus Preliminary Design Report due

     Thursday 12/13, 1400: Last Thesis Committee meeting of the semester, plus formal progress report due

That's quite a lot of things.
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For a day that started at 0530 with spontaneous inability to sleep, and has consisted so far of an hour of early-morning studying and ~6 hours of back-to-back final exams, today is actually pretty good. :)

I feel super awesome about how Elements went- like , damn-near-perfect-paper-type awesome. Not half bad considering my studying for that involved like five practice problems and some sticky notes in the textbook.

I knew going in that Heat Xfer was going to be tricky, which is why I did all of the studying for that and none of the studying for Elements, and I think it paid off. Computational problems all went well, except for the one where I couldn't remember what the hell Nu_s was, which I solved symbolically instead. In accordance with longstanding tradition, my conceptual question responses were pretty effing weak, and I didn't manage to do the extra credit project, but whatever. It's over.

Also: Professor Heat Xfer was 20+ minutes late to his own final. This is my not-impressed face.

Working on my Honors Thesis Proposal now. Later, packing ALL THE THINGS, and Avenger Prequel Movie Night.

...I saw "The Avengers" on Tuesday, but that's a whole lot of keyboard smashing for another time.
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Of my five courses this semester, three are now over and done with. Final project in Embedded Systems is in (save for group evaluation form), Mechanical Engineering Lab III exam taken in class last Monday (a week ago yesterday), and just finished up Anatomy & Physiology this morning.

Remaining Things for the Week:

-Design of Elements, 0730 on Thursday

-Heat Transfer, 1030 on Thursday

-Heat Xfer design problem for extra credit which I really need, 1030 on Thursday

-Honors Thesis Proposal, due by Friday

-Packing ALL THE THINGS and finding a place to put them for the weekend

This has not been a good semester for me, academically speaking. Too much time spent with the Boy, and not enough time spent doing work. Fortunately, last semester was pretty excellent, so hopefully it will come out in the wash. *fingers crossed* I think I can still manage a B in Heat Xfer if my final is solid. Elements, I don't even know, because we're getting back our design projects (30% of semester grade) at the final. So yeah, this will be fun.

On the plus side, I think my Senior Design project for next year is a small-scale hops pelletizer, which ought to be good fun to work on. Still waiting to see if I get the assignment, but it didn't seem too popular, so I'm hopeful.
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Fluids final went pretty well- on par with previous exam performance. We'll see what happens.

More grades arrived: B+ in Anatomy, and A- in Fluids Lab. Still waiting on Fluids.

"Action Holmes" was super-fantastic in most of the ways, and pretty good in the rest of the ways. Post about that forthcoming, but in the meantime: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

Am now acculturating to being home. Make actual decisions about what's for lunch? I can do that? Bizarre.

No, seriously:

Mom: *exasperated* Well, what do you usually have for lunch?

Me: *genuinely at a loss* ...Thursday is Falafel Day at the Davis Center?

Mom: *super exasperated* You know, you had a life before you went to college. What did you have for lunch then?

Me: ...whatever was in the fridge?
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Well, the Anatomy final felt like it went neither better nor worse than the other two exams in that course, so I guess we'll see what shakes out.

Final grade for Materials came through: B. I have no complaints. Frankly, I feel like that's a little generous based on my performance, but hey, I'll take it.

To Do List, 12/15/11:

Sleep in
Clean room
Clean desk
Sort laundry
Launder laundry
Check for grades
Update DW/LJ
Feed myself
Study for Fluids Final

Why hello there, displacement activity. At least all of these things did actually need to get done today.

But it's almost over. One more evening of studying, one more exam tomorrow morning, and then I'm done with this semester. I'm thinking lunch and "Action Holmes II: The Fanservicing"* with The Boy to celebrate.

*Alternate release title: "Action Holmes II: Action Harder"

Edit: As of midnight, I have laundered ALL THE THINGS, had the last school-catered meal of the semester with The Boy, and studied.
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So Materials was... let's say interesting. I wish I had paid more attention to the many and various flavors of steel, but I'm also glad that I spent as much time as I did on phase diagrams and lever law calculations for bimetallic alloys. At any rate, it didn't go that badly, and it's over now. Worst-case, I've got that A in Circuits to even things out.

Fluids Lab exam? Felt super awesome. Did all the calculations, derived all the expressions, propagated all the error, and still finished in time for a victory lunch with friends.

Took Saturday off, because Damn I'm Good. Went out for crepes this morning with The Boy, then reread some of Anathem because it's awesome, then did some knitting while watching "Shaun the Sheep". Oh, and did some incidental studying for Anatomy.

This weekend has been awesome. Real life resumes tomorrow today, after I've slept.
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So far today, I have slept for thirteen hours and read almost a chapter of material (out of four that will be covered) for one of tomorrow's two exams. Well, shit.

But I also got email from Professor Circuits. )

So that's something I don't have to worry about, and now I have twice as much time to study for the Anatomy final. Which is nice, because the central nervous system is really freaking complicated.

Materials and Fluids Lab tomorrow, Circuits on Monday never, Anatomy on Wednesday night, and Fluids on Friday morning. Not half bad, as finals schedules go... provided I can pull the finger out and finish studying for tomorrow.
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Diff. Eq. is the one exam most likely to kick me in the teeth, which is, of course, why I'm slacking off studying for it and staying up to whine about it on LJ the night before. I'm awesome at this "responsibility" thing, aren't I?

Remember this? I'm an ass. That ended even more poorly than expected. Fuck.

...On the other hand, I have three As this semester to even out the damage, so it's not the end of the world.

Also, am now at home, lying on a couch that is actually long enough for my legs and my torso at the same time. Bliss.

Tangentially related:

Fact 1: I love Green Day's American Idiot album deeply and unironically.

Fact 2: I love classical music. I play viola, and love playing in small ensembles, where the voices and quirks of each instrument really get to shine while still supporting and playing off of one another.

Thus, the Vitamin String Quartet cover/arrangement of American Idiot is profoundly pleasing to me, as it is essentially candy for my soul.
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...So I feel like I pwned the Mechanics of Solids exam right in its strictly notional face, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. My habitual pessimism says bad bad bad oh noes!, but common sense suggests otherwise.

Moving right along, Differential Equations tomorrow, then done. Have failed spectacularly at studying, so will be getting up early to remedy that. Fortunately, the exam is open-book and open-notes, with plenty of time to think. Not an excuse not to study, but it does make tomorrow's heroic studython more of a strategically targeted review than an exercise in frantic memorization.

I love it when professors concede that in real life, we get reference books, so we might as well devote brainpower to technique and cleverness rather than brute-force memorization of trivia. I would have done so much better at Calculus if I had been able to focus on what it all meant, rather than freaking out about memorizing ALL OF THE TRIGONOMETRIC AND HYPERBOLIC IDENTITIES FOREVER (all of which, of course, I promptly forgot after the final, every damn time).

Early grades are trickling in; looking good so far. Diff. Eq. is the one exam most likely to kick me in the teeth, which is, of course, why I'm slacking off studying for it and staying up to whine about it on LJ the night before. I'm awesome at this "responsibility" thing, aren't I?
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Took the weekend off for the Kettle of Fish Ale. Had a lovely time dancing instead of studying. Freaking out about tomorrow's Mechanics of Solids exam now, so what do I do? Post to my LiveJournal that nobody reads, duh.

It was really lovely to see all my morris friends (or most of them), and to introduce my new team to them all and vice-versa. By all accounts, a wonderful time was had. Even the van rides down and back were fun.

Some notes on this next exam. )
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Linear algebra this morning; went pretty well, all things considered.

Just admitted defeat and emailed my final paper for Path. Sci. Not great, or even very good, but it'll have to do, because I am done.

Squelching off through the freezing muck now to take the Statics final (Now with totally new format and 100% less time!).

Tomorrow, Physics. Thursday, Thermo. Friday, home!

ETA: Pwned by Statics. Fuuuuuuck. On to Physics.
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I could get this done faster with a pencil and ruler. For an added bonus, I wouldn't be trapped in this computer lab for the duration.
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Just in case anyone noticed and was wondering, I recently changed my username from Meuchlerin to Artifactrix.

Here's why, in more detail than anyone ever needed. )


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