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Hello there, internets.  It has been a while.  Some updates, kind of in order.

Yes, I finished my degree.  No, I am not likely to post the last semester's installment of final exams drama.  Respectable grades all 'round, in the end, and a completed thesis, but it was sufficiently horrible that I just won't go there.  If ever it becomes mellowed by age, such that it's hilarious in retrospect, then maybe.  But not now.

I missed Yuletide noms.  Then I missed Yuletide reg, by less than an hour.  Oh well.

This month, I must kick my ongoing job search into the highest of gears.  I must also finish knitting a cardigan for the Sibling Critter by Christmas.  For these reasons, I have just signed up for NaNoWriMo.

...No, that doesn't make sense to me, either.

I've actually already got ~24,000 words of my main project written.  My goal for November is to write an additional 50,000 words and complete a full draft of the story.

This will be interesting.
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Now that school has stopped, I finally have time to write! This is a good thing. I celebrated by starting a new project instead of continuing work on anything I've already started. Oops?

Today, I reorganized my hard-copy draft folder, which got dropped in the throes of dorm-packing and exploded all over the floor. It contains ghosts of things which perished amidst the ominous clicking noises of DiskFail '09. Someday, I hope to resurrect them.

Bizarrely, I'm finding that Fictional Prowess Panda actually motivates me to write. Internet time-sink fail, productivity win?

I'm finding that half the fun of writing this stupidly overambitious Leverage fic is populating its criminal underworld with wacky original characters. I think I may be doing fanfiction wrong.

Running away to the woods this weekend; packing pencils and paper. We'll see what happens.

Edit: Fixed link.


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