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Diff. Eq. is the one exam most likely to kick me in the teeth, which is, of course, why I'm slacking off studying for it and staying up to whine about it on LJ the night before. I'm awesome at this "responsibility" thing, aren't I?

Remember this? I'm an ass. That ended even more poorly than expected. Fuck.

...On the other hand, I have three As this semester to even out the damage, so it's not the end of the world.

Also, am now at home, lying on a couch that is actually long enough for my legs and my torso at the same time. Bliss.

Tangentially related:

Fact 1: I love Green Day's American Idiot album deeply and unironically.

Fact 2: I love classical music. I play viola, and love playing in small ensembles, where the voices and quirks of each instrument really get to shine while still supporting and playing off of one another.

Thus, the Vitamin String Quartet cover/arrangement of American Idiot is profoundly pleasing to me, as it is essentially candy for my soul.
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Take-home Ecology exam submitted and out of my hair.

Opted to walk away with my current grade in Thermo, as it's entirely respectable and based on past exam performance in this course, taking the final can only bring my grade down.

And now, some finals-related rage. )
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Taken this morning on my way to work. Note the tulips in full bloom. Yesterday it was shorts-and-tee-shirt weather.

Dear Vermont,

Please pick a season and stick with it.


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Three down, only Calc and Chem remaining, but those two are the scary ones. O__o

But hey, I have a whole weekend over which to study.

And now to order myself some midnight emergency pizza, as I finished my CAD exam after the cafeterias had closed for the night. Hooray, college town.

...I'm pretty sure there's some irony somewhere in that statement. *shifty eyes*
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One down, four to go.

Honors Seminar today yesterday, Russian and AutoCAD tomorrow today.

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So I watched the House Season 6 Premiere. Then I logged on to [ profile] house_wilson to compare notes with my fannish kin. There was very little response just yet, so I waited an hour or two while I typed up my own thoughts. When I checked back, the page refused to load. Four hours after the fact, it's still down.

Did my fandom just crash its own community through sheer volume of whining opining? I think it might have.

Jeez, you guys. It wasn't that bad. (Or that good, but that's another story.)


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