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Sponsor Liaison is liaised-with, and Preliminary Design Report is in.  System Dynamics project is well underway, and I'm going to do some more work on it later.  It's a nice change to be working with a partner who actually gets shit done, although our third member doesn't seem to have improved much since the Freshman year design project we did together, lo these many years ago.

Tentative Schedule:

Saturday 12/8:

     Study Systems
     Study Manufacturing, and prepare equation sheet (1 x 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, double-sided)
     Safety documentation for design project
     Extra-credit assignment for manufacturing
     First-pass review for Statistics
     Additional work on Systems project as necessary

Sunday 12/9:

     Study Statistics, and prepare equation sheets (3 x 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper, double-sided)
     Prepare and rehearse slides for Biomaterials
     Attend Statistics review session
     Review Systems material
     Review Manufacturing material
     Final revision of Systems project

Monday 12/10:

     Take Systems exam, and turn in project
     Take Manufacturing exam, and turn in extra-credit assignment
     Review Statistics
     Rehearse Biomaterials presentation

Tuesday 12/11:

     Biomaterials presentation
     Take Statistics exam
     Outline and draft progress report for thesis

Wednesday 12/12:

     Rewrite and polish progress report for thesis
     Send finished report to committee
     Study for Capstone Design Seminar exam

Thursday 12/13:

     Take Capstone exam
     Committee meeting

Friday 12/14:


Is it Friday yet?
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Today is the last day of classes in the penultimate semester of my undergraduate degree, which means it's time for another riveting installment of me grousing about my exams.

Things What I Have Got To Do:

     Monday 12/10, 1030: System Dynamics exam, plus project due.

     Monday 12/10, 1330: Manufacturing exam, plus extra credit assignment due

     Tuesday 12/11, 1330: Biomaterials presentation

     Tuesday 12/11, 1630: Statistics exam

     Thursday 12/13, 1030: Capstone Design Seminar exam, plus Preliminary Design Report due

     Thursday 12/13, 1400: Last Thesis Committee meeting of the semester, plus formal progress report due

That's quite a lot of things.
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For a day that started at 0530 with spontaneous inability to sleep, and has consisted so far of an hour of early-morning studying and ~6 hours of back-to-back final exams, today is actually pretty good. :)

I feel super awesome about how Elements went- like , damn-near-perfect-paper-type awesome. Not half bad considering my studying for that involved like five practice problems and some sticky notes in the textbook.

I knew going in that Heat Xfer was going to be tricky, which is why I did all of the studying for that and none of the studying for Elements, and I think it paid off. Computational problems all went well, except for the one where I couldn't remember what the hell Nu_s was, which I solved symbolically instead. In accordance with longstanding tradition, my conceptual question responses were pretty effing weak, and I didn't manage to do the extra credit project, but whatever. It's over.

Also: Professor Heat Xfer was 20+ minutes late to his own final. This is my not-impressed face.

Working on my Honors Thesis Proposal now. Later, packing ALL THE THINGS, and Avenger Prequel Movie Night.

...I saw "The Avengers" on Tuesday, but that's a whole lot of keyboard smashing for another time.


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